'I Made a Million Dollars'-Flip Flop Shops

In a bad economy, a guy named Scott Santy has earned over $1 million dollars by opening a franchise called Flip Flop Shops inside Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. He was so excited about the progress that his finance system had made that he had a tattoo put on his right foot of the company's logo. He is a good example of people making money despite shaky economy.

Flip Flop Shop sells sandals for everyone ranging in price from $20 to $159 a pair. Why are these flip flops better than generic flip flops you can get at your local dollar store? I have to admit that I have never tried these flip flops yet but I am a big believer in buying good ones for your feet. I used to get cheap ones but when I finally forked out some money for my Oakley flip flops the difference was phenomenal. They have lasted the longest and they feel so good on my feet. So trying flip flops from Scott Santy's Flip Flop Shops may be just what your feet need.

His other careers to make money in the future include opening a Ron Jon Surf Shop. Some people just have great ways to make a million. Wish I did!