Do You Know Who Daniel Goodhue Is?

Most people are not familiar with the Dan Goodhue that I am referring to. He was a sailor in the Revolutionary War and was captured and sent to prison in England. As he stayed there as a young man he ended up writing a short 7 verse poem about himself and the war. He later was released and went home and married, fathered children and became a captain of his own boat. It wasn't until hundreds of years later that his poem was accidentally found. I have wrote a hub about it if you would like to...

Drinking Pickle Juice Might be the New Sports Drink

Many sports athletes in the past have drank pickle juice to help stop and relieve cramping. Some believed it whereas some thought it was just phooey. But now many athletes are taking to it and taking to it big time. Why? In the past many used it because they had the belief that it would help them to relieve cramping, but now a test that was recently conducted at the university of BYU has proven this theory to be fact.

What is truly remarkable is pickle juice actually has been shown that within 85 seconds of drinking it the cramping stops. The reason for this is because pickle juice is a natural source of sodium and it also contains other electrolytes that are beneficial. So if you are a serious athlete and you want to prevent cramping just go to the refrigerator open the door and down some pickle juice.

Vitamin D-When and Why to Take

Those are some good questions to ponder: When and why do you take vitamin D? Most Americans have a vitamin D deficiency. The body creates it normally through sunlight however as we approach the winter months sunlight becomes scarce and the body may not be able to keep up with creating enough vitamin D naturally to sustain you body properly. 

When and why is vitamin D needed?
It is needed at all times but there may be times when you really need to have it in your system. It can help you in these areas:
  • It can prevent and/or treat osteoporosis
  • Can help control high blood pressure
  • Can serve as a protection against certain kinds of cancers
  • For women it can help in losing weight
  • Can strengthen your heart by a large margin
How to take Vitamin D
So it is recommended that you make sure that you get enough vitamin D in your body. You can take supplements such as vitamin D3, or you can consume these foods that are rich in vitamin D:
  • Orange juice
  • Fortified milk
  • Eggs
  • Fish such as Macerel
  • Cod liver oil
Take a vitamin D dose that is between 600 IU and 2000 IU but don't exceed 10,000 IU because this can create vitamin D toxicity. I would recommend that you visit your doctor and have a blood test done to see if you need vitamin D and if you do, they can then tell you how much based on your deficiency, weight, and other parameters. Don't neglect vitamin D, that's for sure!

'I Made a Million Dollars'-Flip Flop Shops

In a bad economy, a guy named Scott Santy has earned over $1 million dollars by opening a franchise called Flip Flop Shops inside Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. He was so excited about the progress that his finance system had made that he had a tattoo put on his right foot of the company's logo. He is a good example of people making money despite shaky economy.

Something Cool Involving Math and Radioactive Decay

If you are interested in science and the field of Radioactivity, you can do a search on Google for the term: 'cool math-radioactive decay calculator' and you will find a method that is used to figure out how to find the decay of certain types of matter. I'm no scientist and so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. I'm sure it involves radioactive elements, isotopes, and ions. But that type of information is not familiar to me at all! But it could prove to be interesting to you.

Marie Curie and 2 Elements on the Periodic Table

First off, who is Marie Curie? Marie was a chemist and a physicist who lead research in the realm of radioactivity. She was given 2 Nobel Prizes for her work in developing a technique to isolate radioactive isotopes. She also discovered 2 elements that we currently have on our periodic table: Radium and Polonium. (You remember the chart of elements we had to study in school don't you?)