Vacuum Cleaners and Coffee Makers

I just recently posted that I was going to buy some memory foam for my mattress and a heating pad. But as we were shopping my wife hinted that she would like a new vacuum like a Dyson or something, too. And on top of that, our coffee maker is dying! (Which reminds me, I need to look up 'how to clean coffee maker' when I get home. Ours needs some attention!)

My goodness. I had to open my mouth about getting one thing and the next thing I know we're shopping for vacuum cleaners and coffee makers! So now we are saving for a Bunn coffee maker (I'm trying to hint at getting a single serving coffee maker, that would be cool). I wonder if my wife would have a fit if I told her that we also need a new leaf blower. Nah, I'll wait for another time, ha-ha.