Something Cool Involving Math and Radioactive Decay

If you are interested in science and the field of Radioactivity, you can do a search on Google for the term: 'cool math-radioactive decay calculator' and you will find a method that is used to figure out how to find the decay of certain types of matter. I'm no scientist and so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. I'm sure it involves radioactive elements, isotopes, and ions. But that type of information is not familiar to me at all! But it could prove to be interesting to you.

I prefer simple things when it comes to science and math but I'm even kind of dumb when it comes to things like cool math games and such. I'm not even good at playing IQ Ball. Have you seen this silly game on the internet? Do a search for it: IQ Ball. I found out that my IQ averages about 100. I think the highest I got was a 102. Ha-ha. Trust me it's not easy!