SEMA and the Ford Focus

SEMA is the ultimate when it comes to car shows that deals with vehicles and dealers that specialize in performance products. This party event in Las Vegas brings in all the big dogs when it comes to automobiles. Ford premiered an electric Focus and it stole the show but what turned me off was the price tag. It will be listed at $40,000. WOW! I guess you have to pay for green with green, huh!

Ford also unveiled some cool things about the Ford Escape. It will have a hands free lift-gate and it borrowed it's latest technology from video games. My kids will be so
stoked! I didn't see any references to the 2011 Fiesta. I guess that car is not worth showing any upgrades.

Again, I'm sure the price of the Focus RS and the Escape will be high but at least we are starting to see some neat stuff as concepts that will soon be realities on the road!