Mark on Your Calendar, January 2012-Bud Light Platinum

Anheuser Busch has just announced that it will be releasing a new beer product in January 2012. For those of you that love Bud Light you will be ecstatic to learn that they are going to be introducing a new beer called Bud Light Platinum. What's so special about this new beer? Well, the original bud light has 4.2% alcohol content but this new beer, Platinum, will be around 6% per volume. That's nearly a 2% increase in alcohol. It will be like drinking 1.5 cans of Bud Light. You will be able to drink 2 cans of the new light beer whereas you would have to drink 3 cans of Bud Light to match. Do you see
where I'm going with this?

This new light beer will get you buzzed quicker and on top of that it will be less filling and I'm guessing it will be more cost efficient to drink this new beer, too . Girls outta love the fact that it will be less filling. Hey, I will, too! They announced this information in November 2011 and like I said before it will be available in January 2012. Just in time for the Superbowl! How cool is that!