I'm Enjoying the Music on X Factor

If you have been watching X Factor, you may have come to the same conclusion as me, that there are much better quality singers on this show than there are on the other big 'Idol' show. People from Wyoming to Hawaii are tuning in to this great new singing competition and I like it personally.

I really like the judges that they have. I never knew L.A. Reid before but now I'm a huge fan. He is so cool. And I think that Nicole Scherzinger is gorgeous! Ever see her 'Right There' music video? Hot! She would be hot just singing Christmas music ;-]

Paula Abdul is still Paula (did you expect something different! I didn't, LOL). I really think that Simon Cowell is having a much better time with X Factor. He seems more relaxed and really is showing an interest in the singers and especially in those that he is mentoring. He is actually a pretty smooth guy.

My favorite singers thus far are Rachel Crow and Chris Rene. Astro can go! He is a child and he is acting like a child. I guess that's what he is supposed to be doing, he is a child (oh, I just said that, ha-ha). Get rid of him America!