Have You Checked Out the Car-Fiat 500?

I have a '97 Honda Accord and it has over 250,000 miles and so it is getting pretty close for me to get another vehicle. Thankfully when I checked the Kelly blue book value of my Honda it's till worth some money. I've been eying the new Fiat 500. Have you seen this little car? I'm sort of a fan of the other small car called the Mini Cooper, but for some reason when the Fiat came out recently, I realized that I like the Fiat a lot better. Maybe it's because Jennifer Lopez endorses it. Ha-ha. No, I think it's because it is a stylish little car that has a lot of character. If I end up selling my Honda, my next vehicle may
be the little Fiat 500.

And I recently have been checking out the Fiat 500 Abarth. It's a sporty car built for high performance. The first generation of Fiat was the Punto Fiat. I don't like that one. It looks boring, but the Abarth would be awesome to drive!