A Great Business to Work for is FedEx Kinkos

With the way the economy is right now many people are having to work 2 or more jobs just to make ends meet. I know I do! I own a small business doing furniture repair (which I have been doing for over 21 years) and it is a sole proprietorship, but work over the last few years has slowed way down.

So to help pay for health insurance I also work for FedEx Express. Federal Express hires part timers and you get full benefits. If I had to pay for my benefits out of my own pocket, like before, I'd be dead broke. I have a courier job currently, but what I'd really like to do is transfer over to a FedEx
Kinko's location. To me it would be an easier job because you ship and receive packages all in one place. I wouldn't have to go and deliver packages on a route. It would be in one spot. There are tons of Kinko's locations and I'm sure there is one close to where I live so I wouldn't have such a long commute to work. If I find a full time position at FedEx Kinko's I'm jumping on it and closing down my business. Time for a change!