Getting Good Furniture From Aarons Rental

I wanted to share some of my thoughts about rent-to-own furniture. I own a furniture repair business and a number of my accounts that I have included are furniture rental stores such as Aaron's Rental and Rent-A-Center. There is a big difference in the quality of furniture between the two stores.

What I like about Aaron's Rental is they make their own furniture. Most people don't know that. So when my wife, a few years back, wanted new bedroom furniture I suggested Aaron's Rental and that's what we ended up getting. I know she had her eye on some Cindy Crawford Furniture but it was way too expensive.

I liked the fact that we got the furniture as rent-to-own and we received new furniture not pre-owned. We made double payments every other month so the overall cost wouldn't be outrageous and within a short time we owned it outright. It has been years and it still looks great. Consider Aaron's if you are looking for good furniture, appliances, or even electronics. And just to let you know, they don't do a credit check! I'm not sure if rent a center has the same policy, though.