Fall Weather and Needing a New Mattress

I know that the title I've chosen doesn't make a whole lot of sense especially if you follow the 'how to post a blog title' correctly. But hold on and I'll explain. The fall leaves have arrived and soon they will be gone (which reminds me that I probably should take some fall pictures before they all disappear). But what also comes with fall is cooler weather. I love it when I can open the windows and let the cool brisk breeze flow in. I sleep so good!

But to make my sleep time even better I've been considering getting a new mattress or a pad of memory foam. My mattress has become soft and indented. I flip and rotate it on a regular basis but it is close to 15 years old. I mentioned this to my wife this morning and since we are short on cash it looks like we are getting memory foam for the time being. And since I like the cool evening breezes my wife is now cold at night. So I guess we are also getting a heated mattress pad as well. OK, off to shop!