Excitement About Homecoming-Hairstyles!

OK, it's not too often that I go to a hair salon but recently I went with my wife to one as she was getting her beautiful long hair cute short. (It actually turned out pretty good. She looks hot with short hair, I feel like I'm with another girl, wink-wink, although her long wedding hair will always be my favorite!). But anyway, back to the story, as I was waiting for my wife in the hair salon, reading about medium length hair styles for 2011, a bunch of girls came in.

I guess these girls had been studying hairstyles and haircuts all day and they had come in to get their homecoming hairstyles done. I have to admit they had picked some cute hairstyles and it ended up turning out to be a hair battle spectacular! They were talking about
short haircut styles, long hair styles for women, short bob haircuts, celebrity hair, medium length hair styles, curly prom hair, updos (what in the world is an updo, ha-ha?) It was overwhelming to me. And these girls were relentless as to who was going to look the best. We didn't stay long enough for me to be able to tell you who won. Ha-ha. But it's so funny to see young people excited about something. I remember those days and boy do I miss them!