Lovers of Football love Fantasy Football

I am a huge fan of football especially watching football on TV. My NFL home team is the Detroit Lions and they are doing pretty good this season and hope they can keep it up. But even though I am a fan of football I don't really get into fantasy football. It's hard enough to keep up with normal football rankings and stats and then have to follow other stats of certain teams and or players. Maybe next year I'll try to get more into so I can write more about it here in my article of sports.

There are a lot sites that offer it. There is Yahoo fantasy football and ESPN fantasy football. I'm not 100% sure but they probably have fantasy college football teams as well. If they do, that's
great too, just not for me. Even though I love watching NFL football, I really love watching college football on TV. I am a huge Michigan Wolverines fan and I am also partial to Michigan State, which is probably weird to some, liking both rival teams. Oh well. As I check out the college football rankings I can see that they are both doing good in the top 25 rankings. But if I have to pick one over the other, I will always favor the Wolverines. GO BLUE!!

But here is the latest update. Michigan State Spartans are going to be playing Wisconsin for the Big Ten Championship. This is the first time they have made it this far. This should be an exciting game and I really hope that the Spartans prevail!

And since I may get into fantasy football in the near future, I started looking for a book about it. I found one that can help me get started. It will help me to find where I can play online and how to look for information for players. I may consider the Yahoo format since this book is geared toward that. The book is available over at amazon called 'Fantasy Football for Dummies'.