The Latest Auto Casualty -Toyota Recall

My auto is a '97 Honda Accord and it has a small oil leak and since it was kind of late I checked online for Auto Zones hours to see how late they were opened. They were still open so I ran up to Auto Zone for some oil. And as I was there I overheard a conversation involving Toyota and Lexus.

I guess, there is a recall on Toyota and Lexus models from 2009-2011 and the recall involves their crankshaft pulley. I guess if the problem is not taken care of it can lead to a failure of the power steering pump and guess what, that means your Toyota could become hard to steer. So owners of
these types of vehicles may want to check the Toyota recall list to see what models are affected and to see what they need to do. It will be taken care of for free so it might be a good idea to get it fixed. Yikes, what is up with all the automobile recalls lately? The recall of cars is becoming a regular thing. Maybe the vehicle manufactures are trying too hard to pump out new cars at a fast rate of speed just to make a buck. Slow down guys and focus on quality not quantity! Yeah, like that is ever going to happen!