The Kim Kardashian Marriage and Divorce Show

I know this is already old news when it comes to entertainment, but I still wanted to talk a little about it. I watch the Kardashians on TV and I'm a big fan. And when she started dating Kris Humphries I thought to myself that this may be it. And I was right, well, sort of. I had a feeling that those two might talk marriage and they did, but I was so disappointed when I heard on e-news that they were now getting a divorce. The Kim and Humphries show now ends.

The New York Nets power forward didn't carry much power in Kim's eyes. I guess after she re-watched the reality show of herself and him on TV she starting seeing him in a different light. They both are sort of jerks but Kris really acted like a jerk. I'm not sure what else he has done or what Kim has done to ruin this short relationship but it's sad that hearts have been broken and a lot of money spent on a marriage that will now be null and void. Bummer.

Maybe Kris can find a girl that doesn't have a butt as big as Rhode Island. Ha-ha. Just kidding Kim. You are beautiful!