Download a Black Friday App

The crowds on Black Friday are going to be crazy, which I'm sure you all know from personal experience. I was in Walmart the other day and was trying to imagine what this place was going to be like on Friday. Walmarts all over over, from Utah to South Dakota are going to be packed because of all the deals going on!

So I decided that I want to try and avoid all the crowds this year and did a search on the internet and found that you can download apps that show you ads from all kinds of stores and you can order items right from your
phone. Whether you have a windows phone, an Android phone, or an iPhone, you can find cool apps that can cater to what you want.

I'm interested in a an iPad and my son has been wanting an iPod Touch. They both have ios 5, which is the latest and greatest operating system for anything Apple related. This seems to be the best stuff on the market and when it comes to Black Friday ads, I hope I can find some great deals from them. Good luck everyone!