A Book About the Recent Close Call With an Asteroid

Did you hear about this in the news, that we came close to being walloped by an asteroid? That's crazy and reminds me of the movie Armageddon. Remember that one? That's the movie where the world was saved by Bruce Willis and his crew when they split a huge asteroid in half with a nuclear bomb that was barreling toward earth. This could have been the same thing!

I'm sure one day that we are going to come head to head with a huge asteroid and we may need to come up some evasive tactics now to avoid such a catastrophe. I bet
there is not even one book at Barnes and Noble that deals with 'how to avoid world destruction by an asteroid'. I even used the AR Bookfinder to see if there was an accelerated book or manual developed for our youngsters dealing with such a huge calamity. Nope. Somebody, a lot smarter than me, better start working on one! Ha-ha.