Amazon Kindle Fire-Best Buy

My wife is really interested in the new product called the Kindle Fire. Her friends from Minnesota and Oregon are buying one and she wants one too. So I stopped in at Best Buy the other day to see if they had any and for how much. They had them for $199. What a great price! They also had an hp Touchpad sale going on too, but that's not why I had gone there (ha-ha, it's so easy for me to get sidetracked).

I wanted to get a feel for the new Fire tablet and to see if there were any other places that had lower deals. So I went over to Radio Shack and sure enough they had them too for the same price.
I was told that $199 is the lowest price that I'll find. But I wasn't sure so I made a dumb move and asked where else can I buy the Amazon Kindle Fire. The guy sorta chuckled and said, "Amazon". Oh dude, I felt so stupid. When I got home I check Amazon and they had the Fire for the same price and I got to read a lot of really awesome reviews for it. Guess what my wife is getting for a gift!